Vortex Hose Reel

What is a Vortex Hose Reel?

The Vortex Hose Reel works with pump out systems to allow mobile access to boaters and marinas.  The EMP Vortex Hose Reel® (pictured below) allows the user to pull off or unwind only the amount of hose needed to perform a pump out. When the Hose reel is flipped to the pumping position or horizontal the vacuum increases to maximum suction almost instantly.

Why do I need to buy a Vortex Hose Reel?

Faster, Less Labor!

The hose reel allows you to unwind only what you need.  So you can only roll out 10-15 feet no matter the length of your hose (30, 50, 100 feet).  The reel also allows you to rewind it with less effort.

Less Maintenance

The pump has a lower working load because of the ability to be mobile (less lift distance) and the horizontal pump reel.

Less Wear & Tear

The mobile design allows less wear and tear on your suction hoses because they are not being dragged across concrete or wooden docks.