How Much Does a Pumpout System Cost?

Pumpout Systems for Marinas

Pumpout equipment

A pumpout system for a marina can range in cost from $11,000 up to $80,000+.  Why the big difference in price?  Marinas have different needs and requirements.

Some of the questions you need to answer include:

Size of the pump needed

How many pumpouts will you be doing on a regular basis?  You will want the pump to be able to handle the volume of pumpouts.

What is the distance of suction (how far away is the pump from the pumpout station)?  The longer the distance, the bigger the pump you will need.

What is the distance of discharge (how far away is the septic/sewer line from the pump)?  Similar to suction, you will need a bigger pump for longer distances.

What is your required gallons per minute (how fast do you want the pump to pumpout)?  The faster you need your pump, the bigger the pump.

How many pumpout stations are you going to need to pumpout?

Some marinas just use a pumpout station next to the gas station.  While other marinas choose to have pumpout areas all along the slips (1 for every 3-4 slips).

There is no right or wrong answer.  It depends on your preferences.  And the needs of your marina and your boaters.

Type of pumpouts needed

Are you looking for stanchions/pedestals?  Or are you using hydrants?  There are different ways to pump out at different locations.  Stanchions or pedestals have hoses on every one.  And they are usually several feet tall.

Hydrants are low to the ground and provide access to plumbing.  If you go with hydrants, you will need a vortex hose reel.  The vortex hose reel is a portable hose that allows you to connect to your boat and to the hydrant for pumpouts.  Many marinas go with this option because it requires only 1 hose, typically costs less, and takes up less space on the dock.

Number of pumpout areas needed

How many different pumpouts do you need?  Are you looking to set up a pump just in one area.  Or do you want your boaters to be able to pump out from their slip?  And how many slips do you have?

We have marinas that just have 1 pump station.  And we have marinas that have over 90 pump stations.